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The Bad Education Movie

87 Mins

Jack Whitehall sets a typically terrible example as posh history teacher Alfie Wickers in this feature-length outing for the hit TV comedy. Following an eye-opening visit to Amsterdam, Mr Wickers takes his class of unruly scruffy 'uns on an end-of-term trip to Cornwall. Needless to say, lessons are rudely learnt on both trips, involving dodgy locals, swans with attitude, and hamsters disappearing where the sun don't shine.

Director: Elliot Hegarty

Starring: Jack Whitehall, Harry Enfield, Matthew Horne, Sarah Solemani, Joanna Scanlon, Tallulah Riley, Jeremy Irvine, Iain Glenn

Genres: Comedy

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    Anything For Love

    Available until 13 Apr 2019

    Fearing that her position as a high-powered exec is intimidating to potential suitors, company boss Katherine (Erika Christensen) downgrades her title to assistant on her dating profile. She's matched with Jack (Paul Greene), a humble nurse who's profile says he's a doctor. Since nobody loves a liar, each strives to keep up the ruse. But as the complications pile up, it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Shamelessly feelgood Valentine's fare, this is the perfect accompaniment to a box of chocs and a bottle of vino.

  • Billy Madison
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    One of the hits that sent Adam Sandler into the stratosphere sees him play a spoiled 27-year-old rich-kid who goes back to school to prove his worth to his billionaire father. Typically boisterous stuff from comedy's own Peter Pan, co-starring Bridgette Wilson (who went on to become Mrs Pete Sampras).

  • Down Dog
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  • Election (1999)
    Election (1999)

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  • Four Weddings and a Funeral
    Four Weddings and a Funeral

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    The romantic smash that perfectly blends wit, wit, wit with Wet Wet Wet stars Hugh Grant as a confirmed bachelor whose ideas about commitment change when he meets American beauty Andie MacDowell. With a champagne cast (Kristen Scott Thomas, Simon Callow, John Hannah, and the late Charlotte Coleman) throwing writer Richard Curtis's wonderfully colourful dialogue around like confetti, it's a truly happy occasion.

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