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About the movie
Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard leads from the front whilst going back in time for this terrific entry in Star Trek's cinematic starlog. The fearless crew of the Enterprise must travel back to 21st-century Earth to prevent the Federation's deadliest enemy - the Borg - from causing more cosmic mischief. Superbly played and dynamically paced, the eighth big-screen outing in the ongoing mission presents the intergalactic heroes at their Borg-bashing best.
|1996|106 MINS|SCI-FI
Streaming until 30 Jun 2021

Director: Jonathan Frakes

Cast: Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, James Cromwell, Alfre Woodard, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates Mcfadden, Marina Sirtis

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