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About the movie
Christopher Reeve returns for the third high-flying adventure for Clark Kent... alias Kal-El, the Krypton kid... alias Superman. This time, the hero with the external pants battles a megalomaniac tycoon (Robert Vaughn) who is using a bumbling computer genius (Richard Pryor) to plan the crime of the century. Zippy, zesty threequel in which Margot Kidder almost stays out of trouble as Lois Lane and Supes finds himself wrestling with his dual identity - literally.
|1983|119 MINS|ACTION
Streaming until 31 Dec 2021

Director: Richard Lester

Cast: Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor, Jackie Cooper, Marc McClure, Annette O'Toole, Robert Vaughn, Margot Kidder, Pamela Stephenson

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