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About the movie
In this day and age, a suburban paradise where pretty wives dance round the kitchen in Laura Ashley frocks while their loving husbands read the paper on the porch might seem like a world away. But that's what ex-workaholic Joanne (Nicole Kidman) and her husband Walter (Matthew Broderick) find when they move to the impossibly perfect community of Stepford. While Walter wastes no time in embracing the good life, Joanne suspects that their neighbours (including Bette Midler, Glenn Close and Christopher Walken) are not all they seem. The 1975 take on Ira Levin's satire played the scenario for chills; this colourful version from director Frank Oz uses sharp comedy to skewer the American dream.
|2004|89 MINS|COMEDY
Streaming until 28 Feb 2022

Director: Frank Oz

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick, Christopher Walken, Glenn Close, Jon Lovitz

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