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Thomas & Friends: Steam Team to ...

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About the show
Thomas is woken by The Fat Controller to go and take a damaged Salty from Brendam Docks to the Dieselworks before he starts his day's work. However, a mishap puts Porter out of action and then an incident at the Dieselworks traps most of the diesels in their sheds – meaning all the steam engines have to work doubly hard. Percy, busy at the docks without Thomas's help, is overwhelmed by the workload. When Thomas witnesses his best friend have yet another accident he goes from helper to determined hero. Thomas rallies the engines and, because of his stirring words, the tired engines come together as a team to save their friend Percy and work through the night to save the day.
U CertificationCertified as Universal - suitable for audiences aged four years and over.|2019|22 Mins|CHILDREN
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