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Gangs of London

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Gangs of London

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A year after the events of season one, chaos ensues when investors enlist a brutal new gang to restore stability in London following the collapse of the Wallace Dumani empire.

Meet the families

Elliot Finch
Played by Sopé Dìrísù

Alexander Dumani
Played by Paapa Essiedu

Marian Wallace
Played by Michelle Fairley

Billy Wallace
Played by Brian Vernel

Shannon Dumani
Played by Pippa Bennett-Warner

Ed Dumani
Played by Lucian Msamati

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Created by Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery, this hit Sky Original delves into London's modern-day criminal underworld.

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Gangs of London

S1 streaming
Gangs of London Episode 1

Episode 1

Finn Wallace, London's most powerful criminal, is dead. And nobody knows who ordered the hit. Sky Original.

Gangs of London Episode 2

Episode 2

Elliot meets with the Dumani family. Meanwhile, Sean makes a discovery about his father's murder.

Gangs of London Episode 3

Episode 3

Lale is asked to make an impossible decision. Sean enacts a dangerous plan and Elliot finds a new foe.

Gangs of London Episode 4

Episode 4

Elliot's loyalty is tested. Sean tries to unite the two families and Alexander is asked to meet an old friend.

Gangs of London Episode 5

Episode 5

Darren faces the consequences – when mercenaries set their sights on him, will Kinney be able to help?

Gangs of London Episode 6

Episode 6

Marian puts the pressure on Sean to uncover Finn's killer. How far is he prepared to go in pursuit of the truth?

Gangs of London Episode 7

Episode 7

The truth about Finn's murder is revealed. The Wallaces and the Dumanis will never be the same again.

Gangs of London Episode 8

Episode 8

With the stakes higher than ever, the Wallaces go into hiding. Luan risks his life to rid himself of Mosi.

Gangs of London Episode 9

Episode 9

In the penultimate episode, old scores are settled and new alliances are forged. Meanwhile, Elliot decides his future.

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