Introducing NOW TV

Amazing entertainment on your terms

No contract. Dip in and out at any time.

Welcome to NOW TV

Love TV but hate contracts?

We do as well, so no matter how you join NOW TV you can get the best of pay TV without a contract.

That means unmissable shows, the biggest blockbusters, exclusive sport and the best kids TV on your terms.

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Super simple

We’re all about making things extra easy. All you need to do is sign up and start watching instantly on one of our clever apps or super smart devices.

There’s no need for installation so you’ll be watching amazing shows in no time.

Epic entertainment is just a few clicks away.

Get NOW TV on over 60 devices, from mobiles to games consoles, so however you want to watch we’ve got you covered.

Discover more about our devices.

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Take a sneak peak

Enjoy over 300 Box Sets on demand, including addictive new shows and award-winning dramas, or get access to 1000 movies on demand and a new premiere every day.

Want to see some of our great NOW TV features, available on over 60 devices?

Click on the demo below to explore some of the cool things you can get when you join.

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NOW TV Awards

Showing off the silverware

We’re proud to say that not only our customers love us, but so do the nice guys at uSwitch, CoolBrands, Which? and T3.

3 simple ways to get NOW TV

NOW TV Passes

NOW TV Passes

Choose one of our Passes and start watching instantly. No contract.

NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband

Get totally unlimited and reliable broadband. Our hassle free switching means you'll be up and running in no time.

NOW TV Devices

NOW TV Devices

Get a NOW TV Device and TV Pass bundle to watch the latest and best entertainment on your big screen. No installation. No contract.