Broadband speeds explained

Want to download your favourite TV shows? Confused about what speed you need for streaming HD movies? We've got you covered.

Brilliant Broadband

Average download speed of 11 Mbps

Perfect for doing all the simple things like online shopping, internet banking and browsing. Brilliant Broadband has enough punch for you to stream, download and chat to your heart's content.

Great for

  • Streaming shows & movies
  • Browsing, emailing & shopping online

Fab Fibre

Average download speed of 36 Mbps

Fast enough for everyone in the house to be online at the same time. Doesn’t matter that you’re all doing different things. You can stream your favourite shows, take down your friends in the latest online game while downloading the week’s top ten tunes; Fab Fibre’s got your back.

Great for

  • Streaming shows & movies
  • Browsing, emailing & shopping online
  • Playing online games & downloading albums

Super Fibre

Average download speed of 63 Mbps

Buckle up for our whizziest broadband package yet. Super Fast Fibre goes from zero to ‘downloaded’ in seconds. With Super Fibre, you can stream HD TV to multiple screens, play your favourite games, download the latest tunes, share your holiday snaps and check out the hottest websites on loads of devices - all at the same time. Now that’s what we call Super.

Great for

  • Streaming HD shows & movies to multiple screens
  • Browsing, emailing & shopping on loads of devices
  • Playing online games & downloading albums
  • Sharing & downloading big files at the same time

More about broadband speed

A quick lesson on mbps

Mbps is short for megabits per second. It's the measure of your data transfer speed. Data transfer speeds measure how quickly data can be moved between one place and another – for example how quickly TV shows go from NOW to your laptop.

The higher your mbps is, the quicker you’re going to be able to do things like stream movies, download music and browse pages. The more people in your household all using broadband, the higher your mbps needs to be. Simple!

DSL, Fibre Optic, or Superfast Fibre – what’s the difference?

There are lots of names out there for different types of broadband. To keep it simple, DSL gives you broadband speeds of up to 17mbps. Fibre optic broadband lets you go up to 38mbps and superfast fibre is anything faster than that.

If you're looking round our site and want to know which one is which - our DSL product is called Brilliant Broadband, our fibre optic is called Fab Fibre and Superfast fibre is Super Fibre.

A handy guide to download speed

1 Album / 10 Songs 50 mb1 TV show on demand 406 mb1 Movie on demand 858mb
Average of 11mbps38 seconds5 minutes 9 seconds10 minutes 54 seconds
Average of 36mbps11 seconds1 minute 34 seconds3 minute 19 seconds
Average of 63mbps6 seconds54 seconds1 minute 54 seconds

Based on downloading an MP3 song of 5MB, a TV show of 406MB per episode, and a movie of 858MB.

How it works

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