Additional conditions for NOW TV on EE TV (the “conditions”)

These conditions only apply if you:

a) previously purchased a NOW Membership or Viewing Add-on as part of BT TV directly from BT: or
b) purchase a new NOW Membership or Viewing Add-on as part of EE TV directly from BT or EE.

These conditions are additional to the NOW Terms of Use available at which also apply to your use of the Services on EE TV. In the event of any inconsistency between these conditions and the NOW Terms of use, these conditions take precedence.

Words in bold have the special meaning given to them either in these conditions or in the NOW Terms of Use. In each paragraph only the first use of a word or phrase with a special meaning is in bold. Subsequent uses in the same paragraph have the same meaning unless otherwise stated. Where we use the words “we”, “us” or “Sky” in these conditions, it means Sky UK Limited registered at Grant Way, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5QD under registration number 2906991.

BT’s or EE’s terms and conditions will also apply to some aspects of your use of the Services where you purchased or are billed for them by either BT or EE. You can find BT’s terms at (the “BT Agreement”) and EE’s terms at “EE Agreement”), collectively (the BT or EE Agreement). You should take some time to read all relevant terms and conditions.


Accessing the Content and Services

1.1 You will be able to view Content from any NOW TV Membership you have purchased – regardless of who you purchased that Content from – by logging into the NOW TV app on EE TV and using the NOW TV account details you used to purchase that particular NOW TV Membership.

1.2 Live streaming channels that form part of any NOW TV Membership or Viewing Add-on you are billed for by BT may be available to access via the electronic programme guide on the EE TV platform. On-demand content must be viewed through the NOW TV app.

What network connection do I need to watch NOW on EE TV?

1.3 To stream NOW on EE TV via broadband in SD, we recommend a minimum 2.5Mbps connection. If you have NOW Boost, we recommend you’ll need a minimum 12Mbps connection to stream selected content in 1080p HD.

Are PIN controls provided to protect and help manage my account?

1.4 If you watch Content via your BT or EE set top box or the NOW TV app on EE TV, your normal EE parental pins will apply.


2.1. If you take EE TV with EE Home Broadband, your EE TV service will be billed by EE. If you previously took BT TV with BT Broadband and continue to take EE TV with BT Broadband, your EE TV service will be billed by BT. As an EE TV customer, you can purchase any NOW Membership or Viewing Add-onthrough any of the methods that EE TV may make available to you. When you do this:

a) if you are an existing NOW TV customer at the time you purchase a NOW Membership or Viewing Add-on through EE TV, you must provide details of your existing NOW TV account and all existing Memberships or Viewing Add-ons you have purchased directly from NOW, as well as any future purchases you make directly from NOW, will then be billed by either EE or BT;

b) if you do not already have a NOW TV account when you purchase a NOW Membership or Viewing Add-on through EE TV, you must create one. You will then be billed by either EE or BT for all existing or further Memberships and Viewing Add-ons you purchase – whether via the EE TV platform or directly from NOW;

c) In all cases, any Memberships or Viewing Add-ons that you purchase through third parties (for example Apple or Amazon) will be billed separately by the company you purchased them from.
2.2. All fees payable by you for use of the Service are payable to either BT or EE in accordance with your BT or EE Agreement.


3.1 If you are having problems with NOW TV on EE TV, you should contact EE TV . If you are having problems with NOW TV on any other device you should contact NOW.


4.1 To cancel any NOW TV Membership or Viewing Add-on billed by BT or EE, you must follow the steps set out in the relevant BT or EE Agreement.

4.2 If you, BT or EE end your BT or EE Agreement, these conditions, the NOW Terms of Use, and any Service provided under them, will also cancel.


5.1. The Service is made available via EE TV under an agreement between us and BT. If our agreement with BT ends and the Service can no longer be provided to you via EE TV, we or BT will give you written notice of this and tell you the date that your Service will end.

5.2 If you no longer have the right to access the Service under these conditions, the NOW Terms of Use or the BT or EE Agreement, or if your BT or EE Agreement is terminated or suspended, we reserve the right to automatically end or suspend your access to the Service at that point.

5.3 We will not refund any payments made to BT or EE for the Service if we, BT or EE end these conditions, the NOW Terms of Use and/or the BT or EE Agreement because you have broken a term in them.


6.1 To the full extent permitted by law, and subject to paragraph 10.3 of the NOW Terms of Use, we and our associated companies and agents exclude responsibility and all liabilities arising from the services provided by BT or EE, including but not limited to the network and data services necessary to access the Service or collect any payments from you other than as specified within these conditions. The BT or EE Agreement cove